A right good catch up…


Well hello all.

It has been a very busy few months and I have neglected ‘The Blogwoppit’. So, it is time for a right good catch up. You might want to read previous witterings to understand some of today’s words!

It will delight you to know that my new (ish) mobile phone still lives. It did have a blip though and I had that horrible feeling that the words in my last episode were going to come back and bite me on the bum. It shut down and I could not switch it back on for love nor money. It took my wonderful hubby to do that. I did a factory reset, downloaded all my apps again; I had to reset all the passwords as I could not remember them all. What is it about passwords? We need them for everything and security gurus tells us not to use the same password for different apps. It’s no bloody wonder that an old bird like me forgets them is it? Since resetting my phone, I have forgotten said passwords. So please keep your bits & bobs crossed that my phone lives for a while longer yet.

You will also remember that lovely hubby was so impressed with my new phone that he got one too. Guess what? He got one. It died. I have no words. Well I do, but not ones that I would put on here. At that point, lovely hubby became a really grumpy hubby.
I am happy to inform you all that the death of his phone had bog all to do with me. Result.

In the first episode of The Blogwoppit  I talked about trying out enrichment ideas for my old dog Ben. Sadly, we lost our beautiful boy on Valentine’s Day. He had a massive stroke and we had to have him put to sleep. It was a hard time for hubby and I. We both howled for days. He was such a huge part of our life.

The loss was worse as we realised that we had not grieved when we lost Sophie (Ben’s sister) a couple of years before. When she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, we concentrated on making sure Ben did not become sad at the loss of his litter sister. So, when we lost Ben it was double the grief.

I’d had the twins since they were 10 months old. They both lived to a good old age for big dogs and we were proud of them both. But they had been troublesome pups. They’d had a lot of freedom in Spain running in the mountains chasing (hunting) anything that moved – birds, cats, wild boar. This had made them somewhat wild and they were never especially other dog-friendly. Sophie would get very jealous of other dogs and would goad Ben into a fight. When we lost Sophie, we found that Ben was a gentle dog who, deep down, was a bit of a ladies’ man. He loved his girls but by the time we found this out he was too old to remember what his tackle was for. He became a real doofus dog, full of quirks as he aged. Deaf as a post, stiff as a board, but still had a fun personality. I will always miss him licking my hand gently to get my attention, even when he poked his nose under the duvet to do it.

So, as Sophie met Ben to take him on his final run over the Rainbow Bridge, hubby and I started the process of recovery. We knew we would have another dog when the time was right, and we talked about what breed and size we would look for. Something was to slap us on the rump and take that decision out of our hands.

A few days after we lost Ben, a good friend of ours, who breeds Cocker Spaniels, got in touch. She’d had four Cockers and they had all joined us on holiday last September. Ben fell for the eldest lady, Chance. He followed her around like a lost puppy, nose a twitching, tongue hanging out. She was not in the least bit interested, did not acknowledge him at all; he was bemused, we were most amused. We had a lovely couple of days; three humans and five dogs. I am so thankful that Ben had that experience. A few weeks before we lost Ben, Chance had taken her own journey across the Rainbow Bridge. Our friend got in touch because the pack dynamic had changed since losing Chance. The now elder dog, Dee Dee, was being bullied by the two younger dogs. Our friend wanted our help and was asking us to foster Dee Dee. We knew we had to help our friend – she was distraught that one of her dogs was not enjoying life.

So, two weeks after losing Ben, we were on a journey to pick Dee Dee up. This came as quite a shock. We had not anticipated getting another dog until we had grieved for Ben (and Sophie). But sometimes, these things happen for a reason. Sometimes, something comes along that will help you more than you think.

This was such a hard thing for our friend to do – to give away one of her beloved dogs. At the same time hubby and I were feeling privileged that she chose us to be the new parents. We also knew it was a big responsibility to take on an older dog used to living as part of a larger pack. We were nervous and excited. We had no idea if Dee Dee would remember us from that brief holiday.  We had no idea if she would like us, get in the car with us and not howl her heart out.

Over the weekend we spent some time with our friend and the dogs. We took Dee Dee for a run and she wandered off with hubby without a care in the world.  For the rest of the time Dee Dee was not all that interested in us. Comforting!

On Sunday our friend helped us load Dee Dee into her new cage in our car. We put all her rosettes from her time as a show dog, lots of info, feed bowls and clothes alongside her and set off for home. Our journey began. We will never know what was going through Dee Dee’s mind. Was it an adventure or was she worried at leaving her mum behind? Would she pine for her sisters? Would she settle with us? Would we bond with her?

I have no idea why we worried. Dogs have this way, they need company and if they sense good in you, they will seek out your company and comfort. Dee Dee was obviously a bit confused, but she settled in very well and soon took over the sofa and the bed. She had her own brand-new bed but was determined to sleep on our king size. For a small dog, she takes up a lot of room. Over the next couple of weeks we let her get used to her new surroundings and territory, took her out for some runs. All went very well.

As time has gone on, Dee Dee seems to have taken up residence very nicely.  We have found out a lot about her but no doubt there is more to learn.  She has had to get used to how hubby and I speak and behave. It is a very different home to her previous one. We use the same command words as her mum, but we have a different accent to her and it took a while for it to click with her. There were a good few blank doggy looks to start with followed by no response. No cocking of the head to indicate the cogs were turning in the right direction. As hubby left for work, ‘got to go to work’ initially resulted in Dee Dee running around looking for where he had vanished to and some associated whining. I could have been upset by that as I was still very much in view.  Conversely, she could not give a hoot when I ‘have to go to work’. No whining, no running around to find where I have gone.  HMPH. Needless to say hubby is delighted with that.  He is firmly of the opinion that Dee Dee is his dog – that he is her Alpha. Well we shall see. We are now slowly learning each other’s language. We now get the cocked head in recognition that words and phrases are being recognised.

We found out immediately that Dee Dee loves cars and has a habit of making a bee line for any parked car in the hope the door will magically open so she can hop in. Obviously she will get in anyone’s car! Actually, it is a bit of a worry in case she does a bunk with the Amazon delivery man. She loves everyone. Her tail does not stop wagging, ever. She loves to run, ears flying and flapping as she races around. In fact, Dee Dee has a huge amount of energy for a 9-year-old and she is fast. She does not like being on her own. We have yet to conquer that. She will position herself by the front door so we can’t go out without her – ‘you shall not pass’. She does howl but only as we have a singsong with her. We howl, she howls, we all howl. It’s a pack thing!  I’m sure the neighbours love us. Now, when I say to her ‘shall we have a sing song’, she cocks her head showing she now understands what I’m saying. New language learning.

She sometimes goes to work with hubby and has the odd day at doggy daycare, both of which she loves. We’ve taken her to some cafes and bars. She is getting used to that but has yet to learn that the table or chair is not her bed for the evening or her viewing platform. Luckily she does not drink beer or eat crisps, but she will have a good sniff, just in case it is something she might like. She is a nosy little pup.

Talking of food, Dee Dee can be a greedy little munchkin. But she can be quite picky about her food – probably trying it on with us. At first, we gave her what she was used to but for a few days she didn’t eat much at all. All part of the settling in process. She had times for eating, but what we have found is, that how much she eats depends on how many runs she has had. She will eat only when she is hungry. She can do that – she no longer has to compete with her sisters. When she likes a food, she wolfs the lot down. She will sit and watch as we eat our dinner, waiting to see what scraps she might get. But she does not beg. Much. I love that if she has a treat, a biscuit or duck fillet, she takes it to her little blanket in front of the fire – that’s her treat place. Unless it’s cheese or a piece of meat. She will not risk taking that to her blanket.

She has the biggest paws we’ve ever seen for a small dog – they are like bear paws. Huge. Not at all like many other dog breed paws. When she stands on her back legs wanting her back scratched, you feel every little bit of those bear paws. Or when she stands on your leg to get a view of something in the rest of the house. Very heavy and sturdy for her size. She does a dance to try to get on the bed or sofa and when she wants or needs something. If she wants to wake you up, she dances on your chest. She spins in circles with excitement when it is going out time or dinner time. It is really funny to watch and because of this, has earned herself the nickname ‘Michael’, as in Michael Flatley (Lord of the Dance).

She has the most disdainful look at times. If any dog could look down their nose at you, it would be a Cocker. Dee Dee is a real diva. She can look at you as if you are her staff and tries to treat us like that – we are there for her service. Dee has a purpose for both of us; hubby is the taker-outer most of the time, I am the cushion for lying on in the evening and in bed. She loves a nice pillow – usually belly or legs, or both! She knows exactly how to wrap us around those bear paws.

As a retired show dog, she is used to being groomed and has no issue with me cleaning her ears and mouth (and bum). She sleeps through being brushed, so it’s done one side at a time.

Funniest of all is when she’s had a big poo in the garden.  She flies back into the house as though it is chasing her, from the bottom of the garden (pardon the pun), through the doors and sliding across the laminate floor into the lounge. She is hilarious. I will capture that on video one day (minus the big poo).

But Dee Dee is very cute. When she cocks her head when she is listening to you, as all dogs do – those ears, those eyes! She is very loving and licks us at the nicest times and snuggles up. Hubby and I have found her a great comfort after losing Ben. She has given us love, snuggles, licks and laughs that we lost when we lost Ben. She has filled a huge hole but in no way is she a replacement. She has healed by simply giving the things that all dogs give; unconditional love.

Dee Dee, aka Miska Kay Sera Sera, you are a joy. You have created your very own place in our hearts. We cannot thank Chrissie ‘Miska’ Pearce enough for trusting us to care for her.

Much love
The Blogwoppit xx

PS: I cried buckets whilst writing this. 

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I have an electrifying personality!

Honest, I have; but not in the way you might be thinking! I could be quite happy about it if it were not for the fact that, over time, it has been quite destructive. I am the bringer of death to small electrical appliances. That’s something for my headstone.


During my time on this plane I have been party to the destruction of many hairdryers; they have blown up with alarming regularity. The make, model or cost made no difference. They each got to the point where, one day, there was a fizz, lots of sparks, closely followed by smoke and me rapidly reaching for the plug socket to unplug said appliance, before it set the house (or me) alight. How I never got flung across my bedroom in an electrifying haze I will never know. All my friends thought I permed my hair. In fact, it was the result of the fizz whizz bang that occurred so often whilst drying my hair that caused the perm effect. There were times when I was seriously not impressed with the big hair, especially when it went out of fashion. So far, I have resisted the urge to fork out a small fortune for a Dyson; there seems little point…

Vacuum cleaners

I have just as much luck with vacuum cleaners and have killed a few of the Dyson variety in my time too, again with much fizzing and banging! Thankfully, no vacuum cleaner has, as yet, actually exploded in a cloud of dust and dog fur, but it is probably just a matter of time. I have had plenty of electric shocks from them though, adding to my use of the vernacular and the perm effect, making me look like a 1980s throwback.


Irons too are not excluded from my electrifying personality. There has been many an occasion where there have been flames leaping out and licking up my arm as I ironed away, sometimes without my even noticing, only to have a family member hollering at me in a very panicked tone. Mind you, ironing is not my forte; I am quite possibly the only woman I know who ironed her wedding veil on the morning of her wedding and melted a huge hole in it. I found an answer to the ironing problem; I no longer buy anything that needs ironing and my lovely hubby insists on doing his own. Result: for me, for the local emergency services and for the crimplene industry.

Mobile phones

This is where I really excel. It is the one device that I blow up with alarming regularity. This a bugger really; I have blown up Samsungs, HTCs and even a Nokia, and they are the CAT of the mobile phone world.

It has got to the point that I no longer go down the road of having a mobile phone as part of a contract. My insurance company just will not have it any more. So, I buy cheaper brands and, believe me, there are many, and they too are just as liable to blow up in my fair hands. This is always aided and abetted by my over use of the battery which I hammer to within a nano-millimetre of its life. To underline my expertise at killing mobile phones, in the past 12 months I have had six. Yes, you read this correctly.



5 plus 1

Impressive hey?

I started this last year with a Cubot. Actually, I quite like these. They are a Chinese manufacturer and I would recommend them for anyone except me. There are various models and they are really very serviceable.  I had two early on in the past 12 months. They died. I then got an Asus. That didn’t last long at all. It died. Perhaps as well as I just could not get the hang of having the on off and volume buttons on the backside. Far too fiddly for an old Blogwoppit. Then I bought another Cubot. I killed the battery on that one with overuse, playing Candy Crush and checking Facebook. Mostly I had bought my mobile phones from eBay which was OK but caused problems if I wanted to return the item to China. They do not provide a return service. Instead I now receive a lucky blue marble on a monthly basis much to the delight of the goldfish.

So, then I moved to Amazon. Great idea as I could use the speedy delivery option and it is far easier to return faulty goods through them – this is a must if I am not to become bankrupt. I found a nice big one (phone) that had the memory I needed etc. The description for the phone did not say if the battery was removable or not. So, when the phone came, even though it didn’t look right, I tried to take the tape off the battery, as you do with many, before use. Big mistake. It was a non-removable battery and I made a right pig’s ear of it. Having virtually destroyed the casing to get to the battery, I ruptured a shoulder muscle trying to get said battery out and completely annihilated the little copper connector thingies. I then realised my mistake and tried to shove the battery back into the phone as if I had not touched it at all.  When I plugged it in to charge up (I still can’t believe I did this), within a very short space of time there were smoke and flames. So, before I had given myself chance to put the box into the recycling,  it was on its way back to Amazon (once I had put the flames out and given it chance to cool down). Really, this was not my fault. The instructions did not say anywhere if the battery was removable or not. There must an opening here for a one time technical author to write the manual for these devices! I did wrap the phone up carefully though to send it back, so that there were no fire hazards for MyHermes and Amazon. I did not want to be responsible for destroying Amazon as well as a lovely HomTom.

Once I received a refund, I searched again, and this time went for another Chinese phone. It looked lovely. Huge screen; really it was a phablet. It arrived, and the battery set up was stated, so all went to plan there. That is until Android 7 refused to work. I had lots of issues. I lost all my phone numbers – not good when you run your own business. Then all of a sudden they would reappear. Mean, because I would just give out a huge sigh of relief for them to bloody well disappear again. Apps disappeared with alarming regularity too. How was I meant to play Candy Crush when it kept vanishing? The screen played some very cruel games with me by putting my apps in a different order. I reset the phone to factory settings daily, and had to download my apps and sign back into them all (and reset all passwords which of course I have tendency to forget).  It was absolute hell. This was the one phone I really wished had blown up in a blaze of glory. It was sent back.

What you have to understand is, that this happened in the space of two weeks.

By this time, I was getting really cheesed off (and possibly so were Amazon). I was relegated to using a very old phone with a cracked screen. The crack ran from the top right-hand corner down the length of the screen and meant I couldn’t scroll for some apps. It also meant my appalling typing on the keyboard was even more nonsensical than usual. So, I gave in and searched for another phone.

I took ages to choose another phone. I read review after review on the phones I had in my sight. Of course, none of the reviews spoke about the likelihood of bursting into flames or being Blogwoppit proof. But, eventually I made my decision and am now the almost proud owner of an Oukitel U16 Max. I have to say that, for the small amount of money I paid for it, it is really sturdy. No plastic body here, a nice aluminium gold (not real) body. And, it also boasts a  really responsive screen, the latest android version, great memory and dual sim to boot. No, they are not paying me to say this. Do you really think any electrical manufacturer would let me anywhere near their products? No: well there you go. All I will say is, that if you are on a pay as you go contract and are in the habit of buying lesser known brands, then I can actually recommend this phone. I have had it for two months now (!!) and it is still going strong. So much so that hubby is going to get one too. Please do not let this be the kiss of death for phone number 7.

Shopping Trolleys

It can’t just be me who has issue with these? I can no longer wander around a certain supermarket’s clothing departments with a trolley because: A) I get too many electric shocks from said trolley as it trundles across the floor in that area B) I have been banned after letting out a very loud ‘ouch WTF’ after one such electrification and thereby giving a little old lady the shock (!) of her life, necessitating in her requiring a long sit down in a changing room cubicle with a strong cuppa.

I am now on a mission to see what I can blow up next. The washing machine seems fair game and I have already started the search for a new one. The fact that I am wanting a washer dryer does not bode well does it?


Yours electrifyingly

The Blogwoppit xx

Post Christmas blues…

So how was yours?  Did you get your fill of turkey and wrapping paper?

Personally, and pardon all the bah humbugisms, but I am not really a huge fan of this time of year.  I find it over commercialised, overpriced, over stuffed and loaded with expectation that you will enjoy it, at peril of being labelled a miserable git if you don’t.  Feel free – I have been called worse things.

I actually start not looking forward to Christmas as soon as the adverts appear on TV – usually at the end of August.  There was a time when I used to really love going into big stores where all the Christmas stuff would be on display at the start of December, Christmas tunes playing in the background.  Now, we are bombarded from the end of summer as a by-product of companies vying for our custom and thereby growing their profits.  I wouldn’t mind, but I only just get over the vanishing act of the Cadbury Crème Egg by August.  For me, and I make no apologies for this by the way, the pleasure of Christmas shopping is doing it all in mad panic the week before Christmas, with wrapping paper last on the list.  It really bugs me that marketeers have taken this pleasure away from me by making me feel guilty if I don’t start my seasonal mad dash in August.  How very dare they!  I am going to ruin all their plans next year by doing it by Park. 

Christmas is, and should be, a time for family get togethers, eating too much and playing Charades or Trivial Pursuit; not a time to compete on who spends the most on their kids or buys them the most presents, and posting pictures of mountains of wrapped up presents blocking the view of the Christmas tree it took hours to decorate.  I mean, do kids really need 30 presents or more each or at least £1,000 spending on them for them to feel loved/worthy?  Is it really worth blasting the credit cards that much?

Maybe my bah humbugism is related to one Christmas as a teenager, when I was treated to a £25 (or equivalent value) Kodak pocket instamatic camera (without the built-in flash), whilst a sibling received a BBC computer (one of the first commercial computers I might add).  It felt very unfair at the time – being treated very differently.  I remember, or maybe dreamt, being told later that it was felt that my sibling had potential in computing and that was the reason for purchase and gifting of the high spec BBC computer.  I am not sure what a Kodak pocket instamatic camera says about my potential photography skills though!

Anyway, it is done for another year and now we look forward to 2018 with glee hoping that the next year brings promise of better and more prosperous times.

So now, just in time for the Midnight ring ‘o’ bells, I am really going to pee you all off.  Just before Christmas I won something.  I entered a raffle put on by a couple of networking colleagues, Anneen and Kate – two energetic sisters who are on a mission to succeed.  When you are in business you have to network and many businesses use a raffle as a tool to get their business and their products known.  So, I enter as many as I can, never expecting to win, just trying to help my networking buddies.  Well I did win. Yeehaa.  Read on McDuffs.

Kate and Anneen are marketers for a company called LeVel which bases their philosophy on building a premium lifestyle brand.  Their products are sold through direct sales – they have promoters like Anneen and Kate who market the brand and products in the usual ways.  Now I am really not one for DSM, network marketing or that ilk at all.  There are so many companies selling stuff out there making their money by getting other people to work for them selling their stuff and then getting those other people to get more other people to work for them selling their stuff. This is the bit I don’t like – I find the concept hard for me to deal with personally but it does work for some people.  So, you might wonder why I even considered entering the raffle or even considered trying the products. 

LeVel offers lifestyle products – aimed at weight loss, mental acuity, aid for sporty people, anti-ageing, better digestive performance, appetite and craving reduction – sound familiar?  Well, one of the LeVel products is different.  Don’t get me wrong, they promise some of the same things that other DSM companies do – great products with great results and, of course, it comes at a price.  However, LeVel has developed something called Derma Fusion Technology (DFT) and this is what really interested me.

Not sure what DFT is?  Well, it’s a method of getting stuff into a body through the skin by means of a patch – LeVel calls it ‘wearable nutrition’.  Of course this type of technology is not new; there are other more well-known types on the market – Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) for quitting smoking, and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for us poor gals going through the heat of the menopause.  My working background has involved NRT for over 10 years and I have seen great success, along with dreadful results, usually because NRT needs a combination of products as well as will power to work effectively.  It has always fascinated me and having spent most of my life struggling with my weight, I always hoped that this technology could be used for dealing with this.  That old ‘magic pill’.

The LeVel products come as part of a package of called Thrive; marketed as an eight-week experience aimed at improving your lifestyle and nutritional uptake – it is designed to fill any nutritional gaps.  There are various packages and different patches – DFT, DFT Ultra, DFT Duo and DFT Black Label, various other supplements and shake mixes.  Some of the patches are brightly coloured (pink, purple, leopard print) and have motivational wording on them such as “I am bold”.

In the raffle, I won a week’s sample of the Black Label package consisting of a seven Black Label patches, seven packs of capsules and four sachets of the shake mix. When it arrived, the excitement took over and rather than starting my week in the New Year, for some reason I decided that there was no time like the present and I therefore started it Christmas week! Bonkers I know, but, in my mind, this was going to present quite a unique challenge for this product range. On top of that, I promised an honest review of my week, even though it would be difficult to rationalise any results of what is designed as an eight-week package.

Before I go on to tell you what happened, I should perhaps explain a couple of things about me.  I hate having to bare my soul for all the world to read, but needs must in this case. I have an under active thyroid, psoriasis, alopecia and a Vitamin B12 deficiency.  All appear to be related to my auto immune system (#knackered),  although no real root cause has been found.  I do know that I don’t absorb vitamins through my digestive system very well.  I have been told by various members of the medical profession that I am just unlucky. For these irritating ailments I take various medications – levothyroxine for the thyroid issue, and, as I am big girl, I have blood pressure issues for which I take another pill. I also have knackered knees due to the weight thing and because I deemed it a good idea to start running in my 40s (Judith Mills, we have a lot to answer for). It is important to be aware of these sorts of things and possibly before going on an eight week plan, discussion with a GP should be had. However, the ingredients in the patches etc are clearly noted on the product specifications and all are natural things so, in theory there should be no adverse reactions. I didn’t speak with my GP before starting though (they close at Christmas you know). 

So, I started Thrive on 23 December.  First off, I weighed myself. I am not going to give you the full figure (not that figgin brave) but I weighed in at  ** stones 11lbs. As instructed, I took two capsules first thing each morning with plenty of water, had a shake half an hour later (first four days only) and put a patch on for the day.  The shake mix is a bit powdery but mixes easily with no powdery globs.  I had the vanilla flavour which is a sweet vanilla flavour (!); one day I added a spoonful of coffee to it which was jolly nice.  There are other flavours though if vanilla is not your bag – strawberry, chocolate, apple pie (very American) and at times, seasonal varieties.  I was told to drink plenty of water – the system has a detox effect and as a result I would lose hydration, so needed to keep my fluid levels up. I was not told to alter my diet in anyway and had absolutely no intention of doing so.  I wanted to really challenge this product and it was Christmas after all!

For the first couple of days I didn’t really notice all that much.  I was weeing more, as expected.  I didn’t notice any change in my appetite, but I was not noticing being terribly hungry or having any particular cravings either.  I drank a good amount of water – I always have a sports bottle full of the good stuff with me. In the mornings when I took the patch off (I wore them for 24 hours), there looked to be a rash.  I had heard about this from a discussion forum. It didn’t itch, and I was not worried about this – common in this method of getting stuff into the body.  However, it turned out to be residue sticky stuff from the patch and washed off in the shower.  Each day I alternated the area where I put the patch – different side of body, arm, leg – that sort of thing. I did shower with the patch on a couple of days and it stayed in place, although I will be honest, I did not scrub it into submission. It did not come off over night in bed either.

Over the festive period I carried on with the same regime.  Hubby and I did not over indulge in the food department anyway – we just had a normal turkey dinner but no pudding, Christmas cake, mince pies or oversized tubs of chocolates; we hadn’t bought them in and didn’t miss them.  In the evenings I drank alcohol – cider, the occasional G&T, and one evening I had a full bottle of Irish Cream (nom a nom) – not Baileys but a similar.  I didn’t reduce the amount I wanted purely for the sake of Thrive Black Label, so any calories I might have missed by not having cake and chocolate I more than made up for in alcohol.  There was the occasional bag of crisps though.  Big bag I mean.  Not bragging, just being honest.

After Christmas day, I carried on just eating and drinking as normal or as I wanted.  No change. I was hoping for improved sleep but after a week this has not happened – I am not disappointed or surprised as I would not really have expected that after just a few days, that would take longer.  As the week has progressed I have noticed more of the detox effect – more pooing (oh yum) and bucket loads of weeing (note to self – put Tena Lady on shopping list as my ability to run to the loo has diminished drastically – see above re knackered knees).  I have not felt any ill effects at all as a result though.

Again, it is too early to notice any change in how my clothes feel – it does not happen within a week for my body.  But – wait for it…

… at weigh in at the end of the 7 days  I am ** stones 2lbs – I have lost 9lbs.  Now of course some of this is the result of the detox effect.  But, considering I made no change to my eating or alcohol intake patterns, I think this is pretty bloody amazing over the festive period. Told you I was going to pee you off.

Normally, when you do a detox or follow some sort of diet plan, you have to at least cut out alcohol and, as you can read from above, I did not do that; specifically because I wanted to see what this product would do and whether the claims made could be justified. There are weight loss plans out there that, if followed to the letter, you can drop a stone in a week; but they are hard to maintain and that is the whole problem with them. But, I have done nothing to aid and abet this 9lbs drop, other than using the Thrive products.

Of course, it is still very early days; to get a full and proper review would need the full eight week experience being completed.  What this has done though is to have really piqued my interest to the point where I want to do a full eight weeks. Trust me, I do not advocate anything easily – I am a sceptic through and through. I am not sure whether I would do the Black Label or one of the other DFT plans – this would take a conversation with Kate and Anneen to ensure I use the plan that is most suitable for my own specific wants and needs. I do quite fancy going purple though; those who know me well will get this. 

If you’re interested in giving this a try – have a look at the LeVel Thrive website link below or let me know and I can put you in touch with Anneen and Kate for a no obligation chat.




Hello world!

And welcome to mine. It is a bit madcap so I hope you enjoy my witterings about it. I am not going to harp on about who I am – you can make your own mind up about that.

Today I am going to witter about that upcoming festival that is Christmas. We cannot get away from it; so I might as well give in and join in. Hubby and I don’t have children in the traditional sense, but we do have a dog – and like many other dog people, he is our child. This is him – the gorgeous Doofus Ben Dog and he is the only one in our family we buy for.

Of course we will be treating him to the new Pawsecco or some doggy beer that is on the market now. It might actually mean that he won’t try and steal our wine when our backs are turned! This is really important – dogs’ livers do not metabolise alcohol the way we do – it’s really not good for them, so it’s blooming fab that there are doggy (and catty) versions for them now.


Ben is an old man now – 14 and a bit, and one half of a pair of twins I adopted whilst I was living in Spain. We lost his sister, Sophie, last year. To be honest, I really didn’t think either of them would get to the age that they have so I’m immensely proud of this pair of reprobates. They have always been a bit on the wild side. Hunters, not especially other animal friendly and certainly not toy orientated which, at times, made life incredibly awkward. Any plush toys were annihilated within minutes. Finding things to amuse them has always been difficult.

Whilst in Spain, I would walk them in the hills behind the village where I lived but I often came home without the dogs; they just vanished into the hills. They were fast, knew the terrain and would explore. They would cross a gully and I would see them disappear into the depths of the hills, their curly tails bobbing just above the grass and plants as if waving me goodbye. It was their version of ‘up yours, see you later’.

I would worry myself stupid and was often to be seen in the dark with my flashlight at the foot of the hills calling out for them till I was blue in the face, but to no avail. Sophie would come home after an hour or so and Ben would turn up at the back door at about 9pm, looking most pleased with himself but expecting his dinner to be out and his bed all plumped up ready for him to flop onto after his feed. I haven’t got a clue what the pair of them got up to, but I do have a fair idea that it involved chasing rabbits, wild boar (not the brightest of dogs), birds, cats (I know they killed one) and anything else that was alive to start with! I once caught Ben in the garden with a mouse or vole in his mouth. I succeeded in getting him to drop it; only for Sophie to pick it up and run off with it. 

When I came back to live in England, walking them became even more interesting. I tried to avoid confrontation with other dogs and to curtail their hunting by walking them at ridiculous o’clock (5am) and letting them run on the beaches around here. Trust me, it was not easy; they had honed their hunting skills in Spain and worked seamlessly as a team, each knowing their role and which body part to go for. 

Since losing Sophie, Ben has changed. Both hubby and I thought he would really struggle without Sophie. Of course he misses her; he has no one to clean his ears out now!

He is more laid back but no longer likes being on his own – it was always Sophie who was the twitchy, more needy of the two. But gone are the days when I can be in the bathroom with the door closed. He eats when he wants – Sophie is not there now to eat his food and push him out of the way. He is deaf, possibly due to ear cleaning service I provide compared to Sophie’s – I try, honest I do, but he is not keen on the grooming aspect of his life and there is no way I am doing it the Sophie way; even I have my limits. He also seems to be going a wee bit dotty. I think he, like many of us when we get older, gets up and goes to the kitchen or the back door only to forget what he has gone there for. He comes back into the living room, lies down then remembers what he had meant to do and goes through the whole thing again. Maybe I should be searching for a super sized dog flap! Sound familiar? If Ben had his own set of keys, he would spend half of his time looking for them.

So, we are now trying to keep his ageing mind agile and are on the hunt for a pressie for our boy for Christmas. His body is getting old and he cannot walk as far any more, so his opportunities for getting the stimulation from reading his pee mails is reducing.

Ben does have a couple of Kong toys and this is what we squirt cheesy stuff in – he cannot get enough of it. The green toy itself is simple; Ben can lick the gooey stuff out and then when he knocks it over he can spend ages trying to get it right side up again. Great for his co-ordination! You can see a video of him playing with it here:  https://youtu.be/CCUGBZkZ0Yk


As the option of buying a live cat, mouse, or rabbit for the sole purpose of Ben’s entertainment (hunting) is ludicrous, there is the need to explore the interactive toys that are out there. There seem to be a good few but obviously for the Doofus Ben Dog they need to be food orientated; a ball chucking device just will not cut it. This means lots of investigation and hopefully a good bit of shopping ont interweb (no going in shops for me).

I’ve already found a couple – cannot decide which will suit the Ben Dog the best… that might mean he gets the lot!


Of course, as with all children, supervision is necessary when dogs are playing with their toys. Don’t leave them alone in case they swallow any of the smaller parts.

Next time if you’re lucky, and you have not already seen it, I’ll show you some doggy toe porn!

Until next time.

The Blogwoppit xx